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Book cover with a woman and man sitting in front of a fountain in the Gardens of Babylon. The woman is wearing a blue hijab, and the man has tan trousers, tunic, and turban.

1001 Days

Once upon a time, a grieving sultan made an edict: he would marry a new bride every night and kill her the next morning, before she could betray him.

Sutaita, daughter of the Sultan’s vizier, planned on a life of quiet study. But when she learns she and her sister must be the next two brides for the bloodthirsty Sultan Shahryar al’Mamun, Sutaita decides to change their fortune. Staying alive by telling stories every night, she must buy enough time to solve the mysteries surrounding the Sultan’s edict.

Shahryar has hidden a dark secret from all the history records. If discovered, it could cost him his empire and his life. But meeting Sutaita changes everything. Intrigued by the magic of her stories, he cannot find it in his heart to kill her, a heart he had hardened long ago against any sort of love.

In this retelling of the Arabian Nights frame story, can Sutaita slip past the walls around the Sultan’s heart and soul? Or will she end up like so many brides before—with her head on a chopping block?

Works In Progress

Power Play

Book one of an epic fantasy series.

Druids Series

Percy Jackson meets Irish/Celtic mythology for adults.

East of the Sun and West of the Moon

Retelling of fairy tale by same name.

Currently on hiatus.

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This title has been rated 14+ appropriate for teens and contains:intense violencemoderate language
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This title has been rated 14+ appropriate for teens and contains:intense violencemoderate language
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